SEO In A Nutshell

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a marketing discipline that is focused on producing visibility to strictly organic (Non Paid) search results. The art of SEO  includes both the technical as well as creative aspects of designing a web page with the purpose of increasing relevance to search engines, improving the rankings and driving in more traffic.

These objectives can be achieved by some means from the words that are used in the page’s text content to the way your site is connected to other relevant sites. SEO is also the way your page is organized to be seen by search engines, helped by web design.

But it’s not just about being visible to search engines and increasing visibility in this way, SEO is also about producing a page that will be attractive and engaging for human visitors as well. The principles of gaining visibility to robots and organizing an attraction for human users are intertwined.

How Important is SEO to the Success of a Website?

The vast majority of online traffic is directed by the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and many others it would be superfluous to mention. Although some traffic can be directed to your site from social media pages, search engines are the primary form of exploring online options for most people.

This concept applies no matter what the goods, services, projects, or ideas and philosophies you wish to publicize are.

Search engines have the singular ability to provide your site with targeted traffic — these are online users who are looking for the very thing you are publicizing. These search engines could be considered the super highways of online traffic and if they are not connected to your site — in other words, if your site is not visible to these search engines– you will miss out on a huge amount of possible visitors to your website.

Search Queries

Search queries are the words people type into the search engine box when making a search. These are very important; case history proves that missing the mark on these important words can be detrimental to a website’s targeted traffic rate.

Targeted traffic is highly valued as it provides exposure, publicity and revenue like no other form of online traffic conveyance. Investing in a quality SEO campaign can have a significantly higher rate of return when compared to other forms of online promotion.

Could I do the SEO work on my Website Myself?

There are many particular tricks and complexities to the world of SEO, nevertheless, the basics are fairly easy to grasp. Additionally, there is a wealth of online resources available to educate people in the practice of successful SEO.  With some application to process and practice, it is likely you could do a fairly decent job on your own.

Your success in SEO would depend on the amount of time and mental faculties you can apply to this endeavor. On the other hand, there are many technicians — artists, really– who are well practiced in the many facets of successful SEO; for a decent price, you could have your site optimized by a professional.